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Hey traveler! Welcome to FourGame Dynamics!

Thanks for joining us... and thank you to whatever forces and guides directed your daily scrolling in our direction.

I suppose the most important question to answer first is...

“WTF is going on here?”

This is the official blog of FourGame Dynamics. We are a project founded by Jamie Combs with one mission: Make the lives of people simpler, happier and more meaningful by inviting them into a FourGame (FG) frame via handy info and gadgets.

So perhaps the next question to answer is...

“WT(FG)F is FourGames?”

That’s an excellent question! We’re glad we just made you read it to yourself!

FourGames is a lens that helps you simplify... everything.

It’s pretty simple - you, me, and every human being on this planet have Four Games that we’re always playing. Every action, idea, belief, interaction, purchase, memory, behavior, habit and feeling we have fits into one or more of the four games.

The Games are...

The ShortGame 🔴🟠🟡

The ShortGame is everything that plays into who you’re being right now. Your physical body, your emotions, your thoughts.

The MidGame 🟢

The MidGame includes everything that makes up your material surroundings. Environments, systems, tools/gadgets, or people around you.

The LongGame 🔵

The LongGame is your life story. This is like you in the fourth dimension - your identity over time. What roles do you play for yourself and others? What goals are you pursuing? What path are you on?

The DeepGame 🟣

The DeepGame is spiritual. It’s the metaphysics, mysteries and metaphors we interact with and invoke on a daily basis. It’s the mental, memetic and magical shape that the entire universe fits in. It’s simultaneously “in your head” and “the Godhead” all at once.

We’re gonna do a WHOLE LOT MORE talking about each of these FourGames, but that’s the super quick 101. In the meantime, here’s a handy chart for your records! You’ll have all this down in no time flat, but a good infographic never hurt anyone.

What should you expect from this blog?

This is the beginning of an experiment. We want to flood the world with handy FourGames info and tools to help people make their lives become simpler, more meaningful, and happier!

This is the first step into a whole wide universe of FourGames creations and FourGames creators. We’re assembling a team of FourGame Avengers to share their knowledge about:

  • Weight lifting, running, yoga

  • Diets, nutrition, fasting

  • Budgeting, investing, side hustles

  • Therapy, journaling, mindset

  • Supplements, biohacking, cold exposure

  • Breathwork, mind-body practices, dream interpretation

  • Pickup, Tantra, Love

  • Philosophy, spirituality, happiness

  • and MORE!

And one thing you can ALWAYS expect... we’re going to ask “What Would Captain Simple Do?” and keep this information accessible, practical and fun.

We want to create a one-of-a-kind rabbit hole that will bring readers into a new world of FourGame Dynamics.

Who Are We?

In a past life, Jamie was the Founder and CEO of Natural Balance Foods but has since retired and turned into the resident-cool-old-guy, swordsman, and Jedi Master of FourGames.

My name is John Giuffre. (I’m the one writing all this!) I'm a creator at FourGames. I'm a co-founder of the creators first social platform Gravity. I also run an agency Logos Productions, focused on helping creators make the best content possible.

I'm in love with the creative process. When I was 14 I made zines and gameplay videos on gaming forums with friends from Bulgaria to Brazil to Australia. I fell in love with standup comedy after watching a Robin Williams special and began performing when I was 16. From there I got into live show production as well. I’ve also been playing music since I was 14.

I'm a personal development junkie as well. I got into fitness and reading in high school when I would catch every episode of Tim Ferriss, Joe Rogan and the like! In my freetime I love spartan racing, scream singing to blink-182 in the shower, and eating far too much sushi with my girlfriend.

Garrett Dailey is an entrepreneur, philosopher, author, podcaster and designer. Garrett is the founder and Chief Philosophy Officer of Gravity.

Garrett began a philosophy blog called MasterSelf which got over 100,000 hits in its second year (which now lives here ) and produced 2 full-length books. He then went on to found Aion Media, a collective of philosophy and personal development authors and podcasters. Aion Media produced a book “The Five Pillars of the Ascendant Mind” and the AionCon event. FourGames was a pivotal idea discussed in much of the Aion content.

Since then, Garrett has began his agency Aion.Enterprises which helps tech companies craft ethical technologies, beautiful designs, meaningful missions and effective pitch decks. He served as Chief of Staff for Ideamarket from 2021-2022.

Garrett is the designer of the FourGame Card Deck.

There are sure to be many more FourGame Maestros who enter the fray and we’ll update this page accordingly!

We Are Not Gurus.

And here’s one important note about who we are NOT - especially in the context of this blog, project and space:

  • We are NOT gurus!

We’re guinae pigs, curious cats, goofballs, tour guides, inquisitive seekers, and big ole nerds. But we’re not gurus. None of this content will ever be about us telling you what’s best for your life.

We only know one thing about you: that, just like us, you have four games. How you master them is up to you. You know yourself better than anyone, and now you have a useful tool (FourGame Dynamics) to parse through the things you don’t know yet.

The Best Time To Get Started is Right Now

So that’s the whole gambit. The first blog post is in the bag! But not before one quick thought on beginnings:

I’ve long thought about starting a blog like this and, well, I never did because I didn’t have the “right opportunity” to start. But we make our own opportunities, don’t we? The best time to start this blog is right now. And the best time for you to start the thing is right now as well. Losing weight? Trying a new skill? Chasing a new goal? Let this be your permission to get started. Maybe we’ll be able to show you some handy gadgets and info along the way!

But where do I start? - “Which Game do I get to play first?”

For that, I’ll give you the words of our founder Jamie Combs:

You start where you’ll have the most fun starting - and we’ll show you the gadgets and info that you need.

Thanks for getting started right along with us.

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