Jul 22, 2022 • 6M

Let the Games Begin | Putting on the FourGame Lens

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Captain Simple
FourGame Dynamics is a generative tool to help you (master/play with) the art of harmonizing the many dimensions of life. “So WTF is FourGames?” That’s an excellent question! We’re glad we just made you read it to yourself! FourGames is a lens that helps you simplify... everything. You're already a master you just don't know it yet. In each episode we'll be talking with masters in areas of 🏋️ Weight lifting, running, yoga 🥩 Diets, nutrition, fasting 💸 Budgeting, investing, side hustles 🤗 Therapy, journaling, mindset 💊 Supplements, biohacking, cold exposure 🧘‍♀️Breathwork, mind-body, dream-work ⁉️ Philosophy, spirituality, happiness
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Through a four game lens, the “Game of Life” is imagined as Four interrelated “games” unfolding at once, with you at the center.

A generative tool to help you (master/play with) the art of harmonizing the many dimensions of life. 

🔴🟠🟡 Short Game is relationship with inner dynamics of mind, emotional and body. Look inward and notice your Short Game.

🟢 Mid Game is relationship with outer dynamics of environments, systems and gadgets. Look outward and notice your MidGame.

🔵Long Game is your relationship with story dynamics of roles, goals and paths. Look through time to notice your Long Game.

🟣Deep Game is relationship with symbolic dynamics of mystery, metaphor and self. Look at the whole show to notice you Deep Game

Games always on. Everyone plays.

That’s the basic 4Game Frame.

Start anywhere. Good luck.