What Would Captain Simple Do?
FourGame Dynamics Podcast
Simple Self-Hypnosis To Change Your Life and Habits - Dan Jones

Simple Self-Hypnosis To Change Your Life and Habits - Dan Jones

FourGame Dynamics Podcast Ep. 06

About This Episode:

Dan Jones, Hypnotist and Therapist, Writer, demystifies the practical world of hypnosis. Dan shares wisdom from his 21 years working with clients in private practice and as a hypnotherapist. Dan has been in the therapy field since 1997 and teaching hypnosis since 2004.

He is also an author, prolific youtuber, course creator, public speaker, and a co-runner of The Mind Changers. You get a Captain Simple Hypnosis Class in a ‘cast - history, benefits, hazards and how to start applying it yourself. We also get into some (crazy) hypnosis stories, and deep game stuff - time distortion and living a lifetime in 5 minutes. Enjoy!

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • [03:00] Dan’s Long Game Story & Role

  • [06:00] Demystifying Hypnosis

  • [15:00] Acting & Hypnotism

  • [23:00] Benefits and Hazards of Hypnosis

  • [35:00] How To Start Applying Hypnosis

  • [43:00] Getting Rid of an Addiction

  • [53:00] Deep Game and Hypnosis

  • [1:01:00] Stopping Smoking

  • [1:07:00] Breaking Patterns to Change Behavior

  • [1:14:00] Time Distortion & Living a Lifetime in 5 Minutes

  • [1:28:00] Where Can You Find Dan’s Work?

  • [1:32:07] Dan’s FourGames Hypnosis Track

Quotes In This Episode:

  • “Tell Yourself Things.”

  • “The role of a therapist, is really to tip as few dominoes as you need to make the rest fall down.”  

  • “Are you doing something, or are you Being something?”


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What Would Captain Simple Do?
FourGame Dynamics Podcast
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